St. Valentine - Mystic Pines Candle Co.
St. Valentine - Mystic Pines Candle Co.
St. Valentine - Mystic Pines Candle Co.

St. Valentine

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Saint Valentine

Patron Saint of Love, Lovers, Marriages, Bee Keepers, Epilepsy, Greetings, Travelers & Young People


Dear Saint Valentine,

With a grateful heart, I ask that you remove all obstacles in my life so that I may grow in Love. I ask for your guidance and blessings as I explore the deep reaches of my own heart, and ask for your assistance in releasing that which stands in the way of True Love. Please bring to me my most perfect partner. I seek someone who enhances my life by his/her very being. Someone I can love fully and who can fully receive my love. Someone who loves, honors and cherishes me completely as I vow to love, honor and cherish them completely. May my heart be open and my head be clear. My life is ready to welcome True Love. And so it is. Amen.

Historically speaking, there are three  St. Valentines, all with the same feast day of February 14th, and all three have one thing in common: each died for the Love of God. Displays of love and affection on Valentine’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, it was commonly believed in England and France that birds began mating each year on February 14th. The exact origin of Valentine’s Day is not widely agreed upon, but it is embraced as a day for love, devotion and romance!

Saint Valentine is a 14.8 oz 100% American grown soy wax, cotton-wicked, Reiki blessed candle crowned with Amethyst (Purification & Spirituality), Aventurine (Calming & Healing), Garnet (Passion & Romantic Love), Rose Quartz (Self-Love & Unconditional Love) and dried Rose petals. 

This candle is available in Frankincense & Myrrh, Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Golden Rose..

As always, 30% from the sale of this candle will benefit a charitable cause!

**All Mystic Pines Candle Co., candles are 100% soy wax, Reiki blessed and handcrafted in Buffalo, NY. Please note it may take up 4 to 6 business days to complete and ship your order.**

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All Mystic Pines Candle Co., candles are sold as curios only. Every soy wax item is lovingly hand-poured and Reiki Blessed. In no way, shape, or form do we guarantee any particular outcome. You must add your own pure love and positive intention to the products in order to make them work for you!

CAUTION: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Certain candles contain crystals, herbs and pine cone that could potentially 'spark' or crack the glass. Always burn your candles and tea lights on a fireproof dish or holder away from other items. Please melt your wax tarts on a wax melt warmer specifically designed for this use.

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