Our Story

Pictured here is Christina, Christopher and Cierra Sue - our very first “foster-failure” rescue, and the main reason we are in existence, and why we do what we do. Each Mystic Pines candle is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted over years of dedication. Our process prioritizes quality over quantity, resulting in truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations. The original artwork adorning our candles is carefully designed, and every label is hand-cut, and glued (by hand), ensuring that every candle creation carries the true essence of our passion. When you receive a Mystic Pines candle, you’re not just getting wax in a jar. You’re connecting with intentional creations and beautiful, original artwork that has been nurtured from our hands, heart, and home for yours - a tangible expression of love. But our purpose goes beyond aesthetics. We infuse each creation with positive intentions and love, knowing that our candles will find a place in your life. And as a tribute to our love for animals, a portion from every candle sold benefits animal rescue, foster groups, education and advocacy for their wellbeing. So please know that when you light a Mystic Pines candle, you’re not only illuminating your sacred space; you’re also contributing to kindness and compassion - one candle at a time, for animal rescue. 🕯️🌟🐾 Brightest Blessings from our hands, hearts and home to yours!


The Cox Family