Our Story

Christina & Christopher Cox  (Chandlers ~ candlemakers)

Welcome to Mystic Pines Candle Co! 


At Mystic Pines, we believe that the more love and positive intention you put into something, the more love and positive vibes you’ll receive back in your life. 


It’s just that simple. 


When you make a conscious effort to handcraft candles with the purest, highest-grade, and healthiest products available on the market, and use only original artwork that has been created especially for you, then hand-cut and hand-glue this artwork to the candles we lovingly pour, you know that once you receive your candle you are receiving so much more than just wax in a jar.


You are receiving a labor of love of painstaking passion that has taken us years to perfect, a process of quality over quantity in a unique, literally one-of-a-kind handcrafted creation and a connection to a piece of art that has taken days to create that came from a source of love from our hands, heart and home, destined for yours!


Our passion doesn’t end with being mindful and infusing each creation with pure love and positive intentions along with high-quality products, as a living tribute to those we love and hold dear in our hearts, we donate 30% from every candle sold to animal and human charitable causes, always! 


Every time you illuminate a Mystic Pines candle, know that you join us in bringing light and kindness, one candle at a time, to a very important cause. 30% from every retail candle sold will benefit a charitable organization, always. This cause will change every month, so please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see who or what is our current charity of focus. 


Thank you for stopping by…we’re so glad you did!


Brightest Blessings from our hands, hearts and home to yours,

Christina, Christopher, Ursula Rose & Chester Copperpot