Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle with a 30 Minute Reading
A handcrafted candle will be created immediately after your reading, based on the information received during our time together. You will receive a time-lapse video of your candle via text or e-mail as well!
30 Minute Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle with a Reading - Mystic Pines Candle Co.
30 Minute Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle with a Reading - Mystic Pines Candle Co.
Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle with a 30 Minute Reading

Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle with a 30 Minute Reading

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Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle & Reading

My Intuitive Blend Prayer Candle Readings created exclusively by Mystic Pines Candle Co., are 100% soy and beeswax, crystal blessed, hand-poured, personalized candles created to illuminate and manifest your desires. Based on the message(s) I receive during our time together is how I will handcraft your candle. Once your candle has been poured and cured for a few days, I’ll then crown your candle with specific crystals, oils and ribbon to amplify the vibration of your creation. You will also receive a short description of why I chose the specific crystals, oil, (sometimes a medal of a particular Saint might be included) and ribbon (if I’m guided to add that additional color), etc. Intuitive Blend Candle Readings are $85.00 for a 30 minute reading plus your handcrafted candle and instructions. If you don’t have time for an actual video chat or phone call...I can perform the reading on my own, type out your message, and send it along with your handcrafted candle. However, if you prefer to video chat or phone call, please provide a phone number to reach you to set up our time together, along with an e-mail address so you can receive a time-lapse video your candle being made. I place a small card with your initials (please see video featured here) with your candle so that you can see its really your candle being poured and cured.

Once you receive your candle, find a sacred space that will allow you to focus on the essence of this candle that has been created specifically for you. By giving your candle this space, you will awaken your psychic sensitivities while instilling a calming sense and balance within your surroundings. Make your candle work for you!

My Intuitive Blend Prayer Candles with a Message are exactly that...intuitively prepared based on messages received. If you would prefer to pick your own color and scent, then please make sure you share this information with me during our time together.

Intuitive Blend Prayer Candles are accompanied with a 30 minute reading.

Brightest Blessings!

*Please note that if your reading is online (Google Meet or FaceTime) the time will be scheduled on Arizona’s Mountain Standard Time.*

***We will not refund your purchase on missed appointments***

***We require an e-mail and a telephone number in case of scheduling conflicts. If you do not provide an e-mail or telephone number we will reimburse your purchase immediately. Thank you for your understanding.***

***All readings and/or consultations are provided in the spirit of guidance only! I believe and trust that my readings are always conveyed in a supportive, positive light. How you choose to interpret the information contained in either the reading I type out for you (if purchased online) or that you receive if we are meeting face-to-face, is entirely up to you. While I may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own. I do not take any responsibility for your actions. Readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to be professional counseling, legal or medical advice!***

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