About Christina

Christina’s Mystical Journey ~  A Candlelit Tale


Christina, the enchantress behind Mystic Pines Candle Co., stepped into this mystical realm of candle-making in 2013. Her journey began with a simple desire: to craft candles that illuminated and danced with safety, casting their glow upon both humans and the creatures we are honored to share time and space with. She knew she simply couldn’t just make and sell candles. She wanted to make a difference, and pay it forward with every creation. Every Mystic Pines candle sold benefits animal rescue. Always has…and always will.

The healing flames became a ‘theme’ not only for animals in need, but also for a battle against shadows. Lyme disease shadowed Christina’s path for well over 20 years, but she fought back with every pour, incantation, blessing and blend. Each candle became a talisman to her, and to those also battling this ‘invisible’ illness. It was a way for her to share an offering of healing light and hope. Each flicker carries Christina’s intention and healing energy.

Christina’s alchemy of faith and mystical journey unfolded over the years - a tapestry woven from threads of Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, and the ancient craft of witchery.

As a child, Christina knelt on hard wooden benches and cold stone floors, her small hands tracing the sign of the cross. The cathedral whispered secrets - the scent of incense, the flicker of votive and prayer jar candles are etched in her minds-eye. She learned devotion, the rhythm of prayers like beads slipping through her fingers. Saints watched over her, their stories forever captured in beautiful and colorful stained glass.

In her young adult years, searching for something that connected her more deeply to her own healing light within, Christina found solace and peace with The Eightfold Path, which became her compass - right view, right intention. She learned impermanence - the waxing and waning of life, like moon phases. Meditation softened her edges, and she found solace in the silence between breaths.

As her healing journey continued, Christina desired a deeper connection to the earth, air, fire, water and spirit elements, aligning with the ancient craft. Enhancing her candle-making, she studied the herbs and oils, releasing their intentions and their secrets. She learned magick - the alchemy of intention, the power of words spoken under the Moon and her phases. 

Today, Christina stands at her candle altar, blending soy and beeswax and infusing oil blends of frankincense, myrrh, and memories. Each candle holds a piece of her journey - a prayer whispered, a mantra chanted, a spell cast. She infuses every single candle with the most positive of intentions, love and healing energy, knowing that light can mend even the deepest shadows.

Christina brings a little wisdom from all her life’s experiences. The flicker of devotion, the stillness of meditation, the wildness of spells, all merge in the flame’s dance. Her Lyme-weary body finds strength in the alchemical glow. And when customers light her candles, they unknowingly participate in her pilgrimage…a shared journey through the purest of intent, sacred scent(s) and whispered blessings.

May Mystic Pines’ flames continue to illuminate hearts, bridging worlds and weaving magic.