A sacred space...
where candlelight and moonlight mingle...

30% of all retail and online candle sales donated to charity!

A small candle company with huge hearts for charitable causes!

Be the Light...for Asha’s Farm Sanctuary ...30% will be donated to this cause from June 29th - July 12th! 

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Light for Cause Candles
Light & Unite Prayer Candle
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Enlightened AF Candle
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A healthy home for each of us, a healthy world for all of us.
Young Living Essential Oils

Mystic Pines Candle Co.
42 Aurora St.
Village of Lancaster, NY.

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The Mystic Pines Family

Christina & Chris Cox

Mystic Pines Candle Co is a sacred space where candlelight and moonlight mingle! Our little candle company spreads light and kindness...one candle at time, by donating 30% from every candle sold to a charitable cause! Peace, love & pine!

Many Blessings,

~Chris & Christina Cox

Madame Ursala Rose

Madame Ursula Rose might just be the only Tarot card reading English Bulldog in the world! Be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to catch her occasional Tarot readings and messages.

Clementine Pine

Clementine Pine has earned the title of the ‘Big P.O.O.,’ or the ‘Purveyor of Optimism’ for Mystic Pines Candle Co. A title she takes very seriously, and one that has a dual meaning...as you might imagine. Some things she enjoys are standing on your shins (or your throat) when it’s mealtime, ‘smeezing’ (smiling and sneezing at the same time), belly rubs and peanut butter treats.

Chester Copperpot

Chester is the newest addition to the MPCC Team! Our Director of C.H.E.W. His title doesn’t have a ‘fun’ or ‘meaningful’ acronym, he simply just chews anything he can possibly get his teeth into! You’ll see Chester from time to time with his sister’s in our ‘Gratitude with Attitude’ video of thanks.

Bob "Barker" Cox ~ R.I.P.

Bob was the grouchiest yet sweetest little geriatric Pug you’ll ever meet! He’s was our ‘D.O.G.,’ the ‘Director of Giving’ at Mystic Pines Candle Co., and was the main presenter of our videos of ‘Gratitude with Attitude.’ Every Monday (sometimes Tuesday’s) night, Bob would appear on various social media platforms to thank everyone who made purchases of our candles from the weeks prior and post the screenshots that prove that the 25% from candle purchases have been sent to charitable causes. We miss you terribly little man...but its little souls such as yourself that keep us going, and doing what we do to spread the good word for charitable organizations making the world a better place. 

Cierra Sue Cox

The inspiration and motivation to create Mystic Pines Candle Co... To raise money for animal rescues.

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42 Aurora Street
Lancaster, NY. 14086

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