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Psychic & Intuitive Readings with Christina

Psychic & Intuitive Readings with Christina

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30 minute Intuitive Readings by Christina

Along our life’s journey, we often have experiences, or are met with decisions that might require guidance of a spiritual nature. For the past 12 years, Christina has assisted those in need of spiritual guidance or additional direction with sincere empathy, compassion, love and respect. In her readings and healing sessions, Christina utilizes her Claircognizant, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient gifts coupled with the traditional oracle or tarot cards for clarification. As various scenarios unfold, she may also draw from her knowledge and experience utilizing Usui and Tibetan Reiki (animal Reiki as well) the pendulum, Chakra balancing, meditation techniques, crystal reading, earth-based energy work as well as her decade-long experience in paranormal investigations throughout the country.

Christina provides intuitive, sensitive and compassionate guidance to assist you with relationships, career and business matters, family issues, spiritual growth and finding direction and clarity in your life.

*All reading times are Eastern Standard time as we are currently located in Connecticut*

In-person readings we'll be held at:

Mystic Pines Candle Co.

5 Eastford Road

Eastford, CT 06242

These particular readings do NOT feature a custom blended prayer jar candle…these are 30 minute readings only that are performed in-house or via Zoom or FaceTime. 

Please note that we require an e-mail and the best phone number to contact you for any scheduling conflicts. If you do not provide a telephone or e-mail, we will reimburse your purchase.

If you are scheduling an over-the-phone or FaceTime/Zoom readings, Christina will contact you shortly before your over the phone FaceTime/Zoom reading and send you the appropriate information. Please be sure to submit your phone number and e-mail upon check out.

We do not offer refunds for missed appointments.

We ask that you please wear a mask that fully covers your mouth and nose during your reading and at all times while in store. This is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our reader and staff. 

***All readings and/or consultations are provided in the spirit of guidance only! I believe and trust that my readings are always conveyed in a supportive, positive light. How you choose to interpret the information contained in either the reading I type out for you (if purchased online) or that you receive if we are meeting face-to-face, is entirely up to you. While I may offer advice or direction, your choices are ultimately your own. I do not take any responsibility for your actions. Readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to be professional counseling, legal or medical advice!***

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