Our Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are ready to leave our hands, hearts and home for yours!
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Where the Fortune Candles begin...an empty vessel turns into an intentional creation, complete with a with a unique message, a crystal...and a 30 minute reading!
Curing and blessings takes place for a few days...then they're ready to leave our hands, hearts and home for yours!
Mystic Pines Fortune Candles...only available at MysticPines.com
Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are available in 6 varieties - Abundance, Health, Intuition, Love, Purify & Protect and Surprise Me!
Fortune Candle & Reading

Fortune Candle & Reading

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Gifts of three come to thee!

Mystic Pines Fortune Candle, a vessel of cosmic wisdom and celestial guidance. 🕯️✨

As the ethereal flame dances upon the wick, it whispers secrets - personalized messages that emerge like constellations in a crystal ball. Each seeker receives a unique oracle, a luminous thread connecting them to the unseen realms.

And behold, as the candle’s wax yields to the sacred flame, it reveals a hidden treasure - a crystal or stone imbued with intention. These earthly companions amplify the seeker’s purpose, grounding their spirit in purposeful alignment.

Yet there lies a third revelation, veiled in patience. A delicate ribbon, tucked discreetly, bears a code—a key to unlock a 30-minute intuitive voyage with Christina Cox. Through GoogleMeet or FaceTime, she shall weave tarot threads, unraveling destiny’s tapestry.

Dear seeker, nurture your candle’s journey. Let it burn low, revealing your personal message and crystalline ally. Then, with reverence, claim your code and step into the cosmic embrace.

For scheduling this mystical communion, reach out to Christina with the information contained on the back of your Fortune Candle you have received.

The stars await your inquiry! ✨ 

The Enchantment on this candle was creatively crafted by our talented pals at Alchemy of Spirits! 💫

Available Fortune Candles:

Abundance - Gold Candle: A beacon of prosperity and wealth, its golden glow invites abundance into your life.

Healing - Light Green: Like fresh leaves after a gentle rain, this candle soothes and rejuvenates, promoting well-being and balance.

Intuition - Purple Candle: The color of mysticism and inner knowing, this candle encourages you to trust your instincts and embrace your intuitive gifts.

Purify & Protect - White Candle: Pure as snow, this candle purifies your space and shields you from negativity, creating a sanctuary of light.

Love - Pink Candle: Soft and tender, this candle radiates love, whether it’s self-love, romantic connections, or platonic bonds.

Surprise Me!: Ah, the wild card! By choosing this option, you’re inviting serendipity and magic. It’s like unwrapping a secret gift from the universe.

🕯️ Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are $80 each.

🕯️ Our ‘Surprise Me!’ Fortune Candle are $85 each. This personalized version will be an intuitive blend completely separate from the usual Fortune Candles and will take more time to create for you.

**Please note it may take up 4 to 6 business days to complete and ship your order.** 📦

Our Mystic Pines Fortune Candles are handcrafted, 100% soy and beeswax, hand-blessed, and crowned with specific crystals, herbs and oils to enhance their spiritual vibration. Each candle is infused with specific, high-grade fragrance and essential oils.




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