11" Wooden Laser Forged Zodiac Wheel
Here is a sample of our Zodiac Manifestation board from a past class. Your kit comes with a wooden, laser-forged Zodiac wheel, 12 tea lights and one 8 oz candle for the center.

Zodiac Wooden Wheel Manifestation & Illumination Set for 2021

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Zodiac Wheel Manifestation & Illumination Set

Many of you have attended our classes over the years, and since we won’t be able to offer one this coming year due to our move back to the New England area (but we WILL be able to offer it once again once we settle into our new location!) we can now bring our signature class to you!

Rather than make any New Year’s resolutions that may be too tricky to keep, let Mystic Pines help you with your very own Zodiac Wooden Wheel Manifestation & Illumination Set! You decide which scent and we’ll handcraft your candles (12 tea lights and one larger candle for the center of your Zodiac Wheel) to aid in creating a desirable reality for you in 2021 by focusing your attention on changes you would like to make, and set the wheels in motion by aligning reality to your true desires in the coming New Year!

***If you wish to have a particular candle color, please send us a message on the color you would like, otherwise they will come in white.***

How exactly does this work?
You will use the 12 houses of the Zodiac Wheel like a clock to help set your intentions for the next 12 months of the coming New Year. You will verbally and physically cast your intentions for each house or ‘position’ on the Zodiac wheel, starting with Aries and ending with Pisces...by writing out your desires for each house (yes, directly onto the wood itself!) and placing a tea light to represent each Zodiac sign. You will then place your larger candle in the center of your wheel with a handwritten note to yourself that you’ve placed underneath it (that can also be written directly onto the wood, but you will also receive parchment paper for this too!)

Once the entire Zodiac wheel has been completed with your written intentions, and a tea light for each ‘clock’ position has been handcrafted, you will bless your circle of lights and set your New Year’s manifestation in motion!

Each set includes the following items:

1 ~  11” Engraved Wooden Zodiac Wheel

12 ~  Tea lights

1 ~  8 oz Candle 


Parchment Paper

Cost per set is $55 each


Why choose us?

Woman Owned Business

* Made in the U.S.A.

* Family Business

* Ethically Sourced Materials

Supports Charitable Causes

30% donated from every retail candle sold! Always!

Human and Animal Causes!!

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