Intuitive Readings by Christina

My journey with spirit started many years ago as a young child, around the age of 5 years old. My experiences with ‘the other side’ were as common as sitting down at the kitchen table and having a casual conversation with family members, or playing with my own pets. They were as real as the person that is reading this information. At this time in my life, I just assumed that everyone was seeing the same figures, shapes, floating lights and activities taking place around me. Being the youngest of 4 children, I spent most of my days playing alone, and kept company with the many animals we had running around, along with many of the animals people would literally ‘dump’ on the side of our propery. I’m not sure if word got out around town that we happened to be animal lovers, or that we had plenty of space to allow animals to roam freely and safely...but either way, my time was spent bonding with these beautiful creatures. Certainly one might deduce that since I spent so much time on my own wandering around, my imagination might have been in overdrive, and therefore needed to create imaginary pals to share time and space with, which...certainly wouldn’t have been too far off of course. When I shared my experiences with my Mom, she shared with me the history of the property...and it began to make sense...even to a very young child. This was a historic property that was once home to to Hans Kindler, the founder of the National Symphony Orchestra, who is still interred to this day on the property just a few feet away in the graveyard that still stands. She also shared a little more of the beautiful, yet dark history of our home. It was at that time that my empathic nature really started to ‘kick in.’ It was always there...but the news of learning that this home was a part of the Underground Railroad, and what that meant exactly, assisted Christina to start piecing together some spiritual and paranormal events and experiences that she had on the property as she would explore the house, the graveyard, the stables and the land on her own and with all her animals by her side. The figures she would see in the basement of the home...the people in the graveyard and the woods...when really, no one else was all started to make much more sense, and yes...even to an empathic little girl! Growing up in that home was a kind of ‘springboard’ for working with spirit in a sense. 

Much time has passed between then and now, and my husband and I have traveled and lived in so many places around the United States (RI, CT, AZ, CO) but I have to say that in most recent times we had the benefit of living in Buffalo, New York. Living in Buffalo was amazing on so many levels, that I could spend hours talking about it, but for this bio’s sake (and for your attention span :) I’ll keep it brief! Living there brought me within driving distance to Lily Dale Assembly, WNY’s home for Mediumship and healing since 1879. Not only was I able to experience in-person (and online) classes and learn from some of the best psychic mediums in the world, like Janet Nahovec, Judith Rochester, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, Barbara Sanson, and Susi Rosinski, we were also able to host what I think might’ve been their first ever candle pouring class in this sacred community! Buffalo, in my eyes, is an amazing place to visit and to live, and I call it one of America’s “best kept secrets!” There is so much to do and see there...and if you are into the spiritual and paranormal, I’m happy to share more information with you. There is a wonderful community of support there like I have not found anywhere else! 

As a responsible Intuitive and Healer, my education and spiritual practice that I offer to you will continue to evolve and change. My readings are different than just cards or straight mediumship. They involve a handcrafted candle based on our time together. The information that comes through me to you comes from a place of a higher power, and I may use tarot cards...I may not. It depends. Some mediumship may take place, it may not. My readings are my own, and I follow no specific protocol. I have Roman Catholic roots as my foundation, and there may be some earth-based energy in my handcrafted candle preparation. When people ask me “what religion are you?” My answer is a simple reply is “I am everything...and I am nothing.” Because truly...that’s how I feel. I am nothing, yet I am a part of the All, yet attached to nothing in particular...but I do call upon the Saints often for assistance. Some people may use the term ‘Benedecaria’ which means ‘Way of Blessing’ and I’m not 100% sure that’s what I do, but so far...that’s the closest I’ve come to a term for it.

If you’ve made it this far in my bio, I appreciate your taking the time to stay the course! I am a work in evolutionary being, and let me tell you...things at Mystic Pines Candle Co., are evolving on a daily basis in a very positive way, every single day!

Wishing you the brightest blessings, always in all ways!