Tibetan Tingshas 7 Chakras Embossed

Tibetan Tingshas 7 Chakras Embossed

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Tibetan Tingshas 7 Chakras Embossed
The pure ringing sound of the Tingsha creates an opening in reality!  For use in the beginning and end of meditation, and then to focus back to reality. Also used for Feng Shui to ring in the four corners of a room in order to bring the energy in!
Chakra embossed. 
Made In: India
Height in Inches: 1.5
Width in Inches: 6.25
Depth in Inches: 6

Why choose us?

Woman Owned Business

* Made in the U.S.A.

* Family Business

* Ethically Sourced Materials

Supports Charitable Causes

30% donated from every retail candle sold! Always!

Human and Animal Causes!!

Custom Fundraisers!!!

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