Surviving Mercury Retrograde Candle Pouring Workshop - Saturday, September 26, 2020 - 11am

Surviving Mercury Retrograde Candle Pouring Workshop - Saturday, September 26, 2020 - 11am

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What is this ‘Mercury Retrograde’ does it affect us, and why in the world should we pour a candle in honor of it?!

Mercury is the planet of technology, travel, and communication. When this planet is retrograde (Rx) we tend to find that all these areas of our life might take some kind of a ‘hit.’ Travel plans could get delayed, hard drives fail, e-mails get lost and misunderstandings (where there really shouldn’t be any!) run amok!

When Mercury Retrograde happens Mercury passes closest to Earth while traveling between the Earth and Sun. Mercury has a very large and very dense, mostly iron core. When it’s making this journey so close to us it’s like having a giant magnet slowly moving past us. And what do magnets do? They pull! They ‘disrupt’ energy! It’s one of the reasons why technology goes haywire, and it’s also why we may feel a little ‘wonky’ during this time because of our own nervous system, which is an electrical system itself!

Remember that what you think and where you put your energy ultimately determines what you’ll attract, so why not think about joining us on this day for a guided meditation to help you create the perfect candle to work with during this time? Some crystal work will be done, and everyone in attendance will also receive a 3-card reading to offer some insight to get you through this challenging but completely manageable time coming up beginning October 13th/14th through November 3rd!

Jeanne and John from Alchemy of Spirits will be joining us as well!!

Investment $50 per person

What does that include?
1 14.8 oz candle, 1 votive, 1 wax melt, 1 set 6 tea lights & a 3 card reading

***We ask that you please wear a face mask at all times upon entering our sacred space, thank you so much!***

Workshop location:
Mystic Pines Candle Co
42 Aurora Street
Lancaster, NY 14086
Tel: 1-800-494-1986

There is plenty of parking in our parking lot! If our lot is full, there is plenty of spaces directly across the street as well!! :)

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