Super Snow Moon in Virgo ~ Opposite Pisces Sun 2019

Super Snow Moon in Virgo ~ Opposite Pisces Sun 2019

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Super Snow Moon in Virgo ~ Opposite Sun in Pisces

Handcrafted at 10:54 am on 2.19.19 

This months Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo, an earth sign that is known for it's critical thinking skills, modest behavior, and organized nature. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules the way you think, learn, and speak. Mercury is a planet that likes to be on the go, forever seeking the next project, and consistently looking for ways to improve the atmosphere around them. Virgo energy at its best, is hard working, analytical, and service oriented. This particular Full Moon can have you feeling like you have ants in your pants, where you feel as though you can't sit still, and seek to accomplish some order in your life. This can manifest in a variety of ways, be it cleaning out your closet, organizing your junk drawer, or simply finding a way to make something run more efficiently. Virgo is a mutable sign, which gives one the ability to switch gears swiftly, and adapt to changes easily. If you have been craving some much needed inspiration, the Full Moon in Virgo can assist! The downside to this energy, however, can have one feeling overwhelmed with tasks and projects, as Virgo's are the quintessential perfectionists, preferring to do everything themselves versus delegating the responsibilities to another, for fear that they won't do the job as well. The key to harnessing this energy and making it work for you, is to start by not overthinking things. Virgo energy can be uptight and picky, and could exhibit an overall annoyance with anyone who doesn't share the same enthusiasm for accuracy and detail. To avoid this disapproving trap, keep focused on just a few simple projects that would make you feel accomplished and productive, allowing others to follow your lead. If they fall behind, don't fret, simply lead by example, knowing that your precision and clarity will eventually rub off, and still produce a positive result.

Whenever there is a Full Moon, we have the Sun directly across from it, creating a tug of war between wants versus needs. In the case of this months Full Moon, it presents the challenge of thinking versus feeling, as the Sun is in the watery and intuitive sign of Pisces, also a mutable sign that can go with the flow, but unlike Virgo, it enjoys releasing the constraints that everyday responsibilities can present, and craves any form of escape it can find. Pisces represents the higher mind, it's the day dreamer, the spiritualist, and the artist, and like Virgo, it enjoys being of service to others. The Sun in Pisces reminds you not to take life too seriously, no matter what obstacles the universe throws your way. So after you have accomplished all of your Virgo-like endeavors, reward yourself in  true Pisces fashion with a little rest and relaxation, you've earned it! 

This 100% soy, cotton-wicked, Reiki Blessed candle is infused with Cedarwood, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Clove, and is crowned with Aquamarine, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and Moonstone.

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