Mabon Candle Pouring Workshop - Saturday, September 19th, 2020 - 11am

Mabon Candle Pouring Workshop - Saturday, September 19th, 2020 - 11am

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Illuminate Your Mabon Celebration!!

In honor of Mabon(September 21-22) you’ll be able to handcraft 1 14.8 oz candle, 1 votive, 1 wax melt/tart and 1 set of 6 tea lights ($42 value) to honor the arrival of Autumn using specific herbs, oils, fragrances and crystals. Everyone in attendance will also receive a 3-card tarot reading as their candles are curing! 🔮

Mabon, the first day of Autumn, is the 2nd of the 3rd Harvest Festivals that is celebrated during the Autumn Equinox (also known as the ‘Witch's Thanksgiving’). It’s a time to give thanks for the fruits brought forth from the earth that fed us through the summer, and will sustain us well into the winter...ground our energy as we recharge our 'spiritual batteries' and support us as we learn to embrace the darkness of winter and thinning veil that separates our physical world and the world of spirit. Jeanne Woods and John Chmielewski of Alchemy of Spirit will also be joining us on this day!

Class size is limited, so please RSVP ASAP!
Investment $50 per person

***We will be practicing safe social distancing, so please be respectful and wear a mask once inside our sacred space, thank you!***

Light beverages and snacks will be provided!!

Jeanne Woods and John Chmielewski of Alchemy of Spirit met 30 some years ago in Spanish class by an alphabetical coincidence. From the first ‘Hola’ a quirky friendship, based on laughter, snarkiness, and mutual entertainment was born. Throughout the years, they have travelled varied paths in careers, personal lives, and their own spirituality. Alchemy of Spirits was created to provide quality spiritual service, care, and products for seekers on their own spiritual journey. Jeanne and John look forward to joining us on Saturday, September 19th as their ‘inaugural event’ at Mystic Pines where they will be teaching and guiding us all about the traditions of Mabon and where you can experience some of what they will have to offer at Alchemy of Spirit!

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