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    Intuitive Blend Candles

    Illuminate Your Intention

    Intuitive Blends created by Mystic Pines Candle Co., are 100% soy wax, Reiki blessed, hand-poured, personalized candles created to illuminate and manifest your desires. Choose a candle color and scent (or no scent at all!) that ‘speaks’ the most to you, then I will crown them with specific crystals, oils and colored ribbon to amplify your intention. You will also receive a short description of why I chose the specific crystals, oil, medal and ribbon. 💜

    Once you receive your candle, find a sacred space that will allow you to focus on the essence of this candle that has been 'fashioned' specifically for you. By giving your candle this space, you will awaken your psychic sensitivities while instilling a calming sense and balance within your surroundings. Make your candle work for you!

    A stick of Palo Santo will be provided to clear the space where you will place your candle. Please be mindful to extinguish the Palo Santo stick once you have cleared the space. Parchment will be provided to write out an intention, a prayer, or something you would like to manifest, draw to you, or release from your life. Place the paper under your candle and leave it there for the life of the candle. As your candle burns down, know that you are building and creating the energy needed to manifest a desired outcome. Once your candle has burned down low, gently toss the parchment into the glass. 

    As your message turns to smoke and ash, the ethers will transport it to a higher place. 

    ***Please make sure when choosing an Intuitive Blend Candle...that you select a color and a scent (it will automatically choose ‘Unscented’ if you don’t) upon checkout***


    Many Blessings!

    Peace, Love & Pine

    **All Intuitive Blend Candles are hand-crafted and can take up 4 to 6 business days to ship**

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All candles are sold as curios only. Every soy wax item is lovingly hand-poured and Reiki Blessed. In no way, shape, or form do we guarantee any particular outcome. You must add your own pure love and positive intention to the products in order to make them work for you!

    CAUTION: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Certain candles contain crystals, herbs and pine cone that could potentially 'spark' or crack the glass. Always burn your candles and tea lights on a fireproof dish or holder away from other items. Please melt your wax tarts on a wax melt warmer specifically designed for this use.