Super Blood Wolf Moon Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Aquarius Sun 2019
Super Blood Wolf Moon Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Aquarius Sun 2019
Super Blood Wolf Moon Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Aquarius Sun 2019
Super Blood Wolf Moon Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Aquarius Sun 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Aquarius Sun 2019

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Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo ~ Opposite Sun in Aquarius

1.21.19 @ 12:16 am ET

Full Moon in Leo...let Your Spirit Roar, (or ‘howl?’)

This months Full Moon is the first full moon of the year, and it comes with some added energy, as we have a Full Moon, Supermoon, Blood Moon, and a Lunar eclipse, all happening In the fiery sign of Leo. January's full Moon is referred to as Super Blood Wolf Moon - it sounds like a Halloween lovers delight, but there is nothing scary about this Full Moon, for it has some special healing qualities that come with it that can provide some much needed closure.

Around the same time every year, the Moon moves a little closer to the Earth during its orbit, making it appear bigger and brighter than what it normally is, and that is what we call a Supermoon. In typical Leo fashion, the Moon is 'showing off' for us, giving its light and generosity, in the hopes that we may experience some joy for ourselves. The term "Blood Moon" refers to the reddish color that occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon during a Lunar Eclipse, making this the perfect color to associate with our fiery nature, as Leo would encourage us to express.

The native name of January's full moon is the Wolf Moon, and is associated with the mating season where wolves could be heard howling during this time of year...hungry, yearning, and protective of their own. The beastly lion that is Leo, is no stranger to getting what he wants as well, especially when it comes to attracting a mate. Leo is a fixed sign of the fire element, who is both passionate, and stubborn. Leo is confident, romantic, and proud, and his charisma is often envied by many. Ruled by the Sun, Leo puts us in touch with our egos, and bestows on us the ability to truly shine in our own individuality; If we aren't careful however, we could come off as pompous and egotistical, even becoming over dramatic when we don't get out way.

Opposite the Full Moon in Leo is the Sun, in the fixed airy sign of Aquarius, who is no stranger to expressing their own unique individuality, for they thrive on it. If everyone is wearing black, Aquarius will wear bright blue! If the rules set forth aren't working for the masses, Aquarius will rebel against them, and create new ones that will benefit the whole. Aquarius is the forward thinker, the progressive non-conformist, the humanitarian. Always daring to be different, Aquarians challenge us to stand up, and stand out. With this rebellious nature comes with it an aloofness that can make one seem disconnected, insensitive, and out of touch.

This months Full Moon asks us where we can be leaders, how we can make a difference in the lives of others, while still being true to ourselves. The fixedly of these signs requires us to dig our heals into whatever it is we need to accomplish, and pursue it with an open mind, an open heart, and a belief in ourselves that is unwavering.

Leo says, "hold your head up high, and pursue your passion!"

Aquarius says,"who cares what anyone else thinks, you do YOU!" 

This Full Moon is about letting go of all the negativity that was associated with those who told you you couldn't do something, or shouldn't do something, for those who hurt your pride, those who judged you for having unusual ideas or big visions, and for those who thought you simply weren't capable; be the Lion, be the Wolf...and be ready to show them all!

Our Full Moon in Leo is 100% soy wax, Reiki Blessed and infused with Dragon's Blood. It is crowned with Aquamarine, Peridot, Labradorite, Moonstone, Sunstone and Tiger's Eye.

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From our hands, heart and home to yours...

Many Blessings!

Christina Cox


*Astrological insight provided by Dawn of 6 O'Clock Astrology*

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