Full Pink Moon in Libra ~ Opposite Aries Sun 2019

Full Pink Moon in Libra ~ Opposite Aries Sun 2019

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Full Pink Moon in Libra ~ Opposite Sun in Aries 

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Libra is the sign that relates to fairness, partnerships and romantic relationships, and for all you hopeless romantics out there, this Full Moon will accentuate these themes for you. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, so there's an initiating quality to this full moon that can bring out the go-getter in each of us, that will have many feeling the urge to be out and about and socializing; It’s a great time for networking and creating lasting partnerships be they business or personal. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, art, and money, so there will be a strong focus on our personal relationships and finances. This is also a favorable time for dating, so don't let the Full Moon scare you into thinking that something could go wrong. While It is true that Full Moons can exaggerate our emotions, this one in particular is softened by lovely Venus, and can make for juicy displays of affection that could leave you seeing stars by the time your date has ended. The saying, “you attract what you portray” truly embodies what this Full Moon is really all about. Are you with someone who brings out the best in you? Does the “other” reflect who you really are? Have YOU been a good partner? And If you are single, what is it that you can bring to the table for someone else?
Opposite the Full Moon lies the Sun in the feisty fire sign of Aries, a sign that' is self focused, eager, assertive, and energetic. You will want to do things on your own terms and be independent, but the Libra Moon will ask you to compromise, to put someone else's needs before your own, so the trick to making this full moon work for you is to tone down your impulse to run your own race by including others into your plan.   

The overall energy of this Full Moon is artistic and refined, and can accentuate your appreciation for the finer things, so if it is beautiful to look at, or beautiful to listen to, well then, it’s a beautiful thing! This full moon presents a time to see the beauty in others, and just like a fine wine, (which Libra’s do appreciate) we are asked to slow down, take in this time, and savor it. Connect with an old friend, create an alliance, or just plain spill your heart out to someone who you feel would deserve it. Venus is at her peak performance right now, so trust that whatever good you’re putting out there, you will get back in a most magnificent way.

*Astrological insight provided by Dawn @ 6 O’Clock Astrology*

This 14.8 oz, 100% soy, cotton-wicked, Reiki Blessed candle is infused with orange, lime and jasmine flower, and is crowned with Aquamarine, Aventurine, Moonstone and Tourmaline.

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