• *SOLD OUT* Full Moon in Virgo ~ Opposite Sun in Pisces ~ March 1, 2018


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    ***SOLD OUT***

    Full Moon in Virgo ~ Sun in Pisces

    Full Crow Moon/Worm Moon

    3.1.18 @ 7:51 pm ET

    Virgo (The Maiden) is ruled by Mercury, which governs everyday expression and communications. As an Earth sign, Virgo responds to stressful situations in a calmer, slower manner than most. This mutable sign is generous with their love and give great attention to detail. They’re all about service and dedicating themselves to a higher/greater purpose. Pisces (The Fish) is a Water sign, ruled by Neptune, highlighting the emotional, intuitive and imaginative side of ourselves. The Sun in Pisces is an excellent time for spiritual development. Both signs are Mutable, welcoming new experiences and change. The Moon represents hidden feelings and emotions, the side of ourselves we may not share too often with the world. The Sun is how the world sees us...what is easily visible to those around us. It's important to find a healthy balance between these polarities. Our emotions, feelings, and intuition can be amplified during a Full Moon. As dramatic and overwhelming as it might feel, use these intensified feelings and energy to your advantage, and focus on expanding your ability to work constructively. 

    This Reiki Blessed, 100% soy wax candle is scented with lemon, violet, jasmine and geranium, then crowned with Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality), Lapis Lazuli (Used for creative expression and opening the heart), Carnelian (Used for powerful physical healing and grounding), Clear Quartz (To clear all Chakras and amplify the energy in this candle), Peridot (For balance and stimulating heart energy), Aquamarine (Stone of courage) and fresh Pine Cone (To cleanse, clear and protect). 

    Many Blessings!

    Peace, Love & Pine

    ***Only 14 candles were created during this Full Moon in Virgo***

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All Full Moon Blessing candles are sold as curios only. Every soy wax item is lovingly hand-poured and Reiki Blessed. In no way, shape, or form do we guarantee any particular outcome. You must add your own pure love and positive intention to the products in order to make them work for you!

    CAUTION: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Certain candles contain crystals, herbs and pine cone that could potentially 'spark' or crack the glass. Always burn your candles and tea lights on a fireproof dish or holder away from other items. Please melt your wax tarts on a wax melt warmer specifically designed for this use.