Full Moon in Cancer ~ Opposite Sun in Capricorn 2018
Full Moon in Cancer ~ Opposite Sun in Capricorn 2018

Full Moon in Cancer ~ Opposite Sun in Capricorn 2018

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Full Moon in Cancer ~ Opposite Sun in Capricorn 2018

Cold Moon

12.22.18 @ 12:49 pm

Cancer is a feminine sign that is sweet, nostalgic, and nurturing, it is of the water element, which operates on feeling versus thinking, and is a cardinal sign, giving an initiating quality that is motivated to start, enjoying being part of a beginning, a birth, so to speak. Cancer is also the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, and is ruled by the Moon, which is the planet that rules our emotions, so we have an emotional planet, in the touchy, feely, reactive, sign of Cancer, giving this particular full moon an open door invitation to express our rawest version of our self. 

We experience an emotional 'punch' to the wall of our subconscious, as we are flooded with memories that could leave us feeling overly sentimental, and perhaps a bit sad, but which is needed during this time, in order to cleanse, and receive healing and closure. Cancer is strongly linked with family; it's our parents, our home, our security, and it tells us where we belong. Conflicts could arise with family members, but the goal is to express, not digress. 

As with every Full Moon, there is a tug of war at play, and opposite this Moon is the Sun, placed  in the Earthy sign of Capricorn, also a cardinal sign, that sits anxiously, awaiting the next project.  Capricorn is the worker of the zodiac; he is ruled by Saturn, who represents structure, commitment, and discipline. Capricorn energy at it's best, is serious, responsible, dutiful, and hardworking, often preferring work over play. This Full Moon presents us with the challenge of balancing work with home, making money versus making time. 

To make the most of this Full Moon energy,  take the time to connect with family and close friends, making your home your hearth.

Our Full Moon Blessing Candle in Cancer ~ Opposite Sun in Capricorn is a blend of Amber, Citrus, Sea Salt and White Tea and is crowned with Onyx, Sunstone, Garnet, Moonstone and Rose Quartz.

Astrological insight provided by Dawn at 6 O'clock Astrology. Dawn is an astrologer based out of Buffalo NY. Her consultations cover a range of topics from career guidance, to relationship compatibility, to precise timing of specific events. When you invest in an astrologer, you invest in your self. For a private consultation Dawn can be reached at 716-983-3296 or www.6O'clockastrology.com

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From our hands, hearts & home to yours...

Many Blessings!

**All Mystic Pines Candle Co., candles are 100% soy wax, Reiki blessed and handcrafted in Buffalo, NY. Please note it may take up 4 to 6 business days to complete and ship your order.**

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All Mystic Pines Candle Co., candles are sold as curios only. Every soy wax item is lovingly hand-poured and Reiki Blessed. In no way, shape, or form do we guarantee any particular outcome. You must add your own pure love and positive intention to the products in order to make them work for you!

CAUTION: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Certain candles contain crystals, herbs and pine cone that could potentially 'spark' or crack the glass. Always burn your candles and tea lights on a fireproof dish or holder away from other items. Please melt your wax tarts on a wax melt warmer specifically designed for this use.