The Witch Ball - Witch Ball ~ E (Hollow)

The Witch Ball - Witch Ball ~ E (Hollow)

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For over two hundred years, the superstition behind the Witch Ball (also known as a ‘Friendship’ or ‘Spirit’ ball) has traveled from England to New England. The magic of a Witch Ball was to ward off evil spirits and ill fortune by capturing them in the hollow interior. As the spirit is mesmerized by the ball's color and reflection, it enters the ball and is caught by it's web-like inside (not all Witch Balls contain these tendrils). It originated in an earlier culture where Witches were considered a blessing, and these Witches wouldenchantthe balls to enhance their potency against evils. 

According to some folk tales, Witch Balls would entice evil spirits with their bright colors, and the strands inside the ball would then capture the spirit and prevent it from escaping. Traditionally, Witch Balls were mainly green or blue in color (although other colors were also used) and made from glass (although some were also made of wood, grass or twigs), and often measured as large as 7 inches in diameter.

Often they were textured or decorated with brilliant stripes of various colors. Later, they were often placed on top of a vase or suspended by a cord or ribbon from the mantelpiece or rafters, for a decorative effect. It is highly likely that the modern Christmas ornament ball is descended from the Witch Ball and, according to some stories, the ornament was originally placed on the tree to dispel a visitors envy at the presents left beneath the tree. 

Let the magic of our Witch Balls bring iridescent beauty and protection to your sacred space!

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**Sizes and colors will vary. This is how they are created and are shipped to us from the artists who create them. Some Witch Balls may also have some rough 'spots' at the top where the fishing line is threaded. This is due to the actual removal of the Witch Ball itself from the glass blowing process. Some of the Witch Balls offered do not possess the web-like tendrils on the inside, these are marked by ‘Hollow’ that are listed!***

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