Connecting with Crystals Class
Connecting with Crystals Class
Connecting with Crystals Class

Connecting with Crystals Class

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Crystals! Crystals! CRYSTALS!!


Can we ever have enough of them?! Not in my book! :)


You love looking at them! You are extremely attracted to them! (and perhaps repelled by others?) Why do you think that is? Is it their obvious beauty…or is it something far deeper than the surface beauty they posses? Perhaps your soul seeks out their inherent healing wisdom?


Understanding crystals can seem pretty overwhelming when you’re first starting out, but this class is here to dispel any intimidation you may have with working with these gifts from Mother Nature.


Did you know that there are crystals that help to relieve stress and anxiety? Enhance your creativity? Improve your intuition and mental clarity? What about boosting motivation as well as aid in alleviating body discomfort? Do you have crystals surrounding you right now, that you don’t know what they are, but you picked them up here and there along your life’s journey, and you’d like to identify them? Bring them to class and lets see if we can help out! You may have inadvertently already grabbed something your body needed without you even knowing it…this is how crystals can even find there way to you! 


Whatever your level of exposure to crystals may be, we’re going to discover how they work, which ones may benefit you best, how to choose, use and care for them (yes, it’s important to care for your crystals) and we’ll also tap into the wisdom of our own Chakra systems using crystals and energy work!

Our next Connecting with Crystals class will be on Sunday, October 24th @ 10:00 am

Investment $30

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Eastford, CT 06242

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