Cinnabar Tumbled

Cinnabar Tumbled

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Being a stone that encourages personal power, Cinnabar assists personal change. This stone is useful for those in sales positions, as it increases the ability to assert influence without aggresion. 

A good stone for business and finance.

Cinnabar is a stone of manifestation. It is believed to have extremely strong metaphysical properties, and are traditionally used in magic and alchemy. Cinnabar provides you with the tools to turn seemingly hopeless situations into abundance and prosperity by giving you the power to overcome your fears and mental blocks. Cinnabar stimulates your vitality, while tuning you into your own insight. It helps you to grow spiritually and come into your own personal power. The new sense of self that Cinnabar provides helps you transform your into abundance and hopeful new beginnings.

***Cinnabar is slightly toxic, so be sure to wash your hands after use, and do not allow children to come in contact with this stone.***Keep away from heat! Heating Cinnabar results in release of mercury vapor, which in turn can produce toxicity similar to inhalation of these vapors.***

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