Ascended Masters Collection

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Ascended Masters Collection

What ever your feelings are toward religions or various belief systems, the presence of angels, or stories about them are a part of every heritage known to mankind.

Archangels are said to be incredibly powerful that have maintained human attention for centuries.

Many consider the Archangels the ‘rulers’ of the entire angelic realm. They have achieved a much higher level of a celestial being.

But, who are the ‘Ascended Masters’ and what role do they play in our lives?

Ascended masters, much like Archangels, have a high vibrational energy, and are deemed to be enlightened in the fields of healing, guidance, light and love.

The spiritual hierarchy dictates that they are of the highest level for these traits.

Further ascension is not possible for these Ascended Masters…and the roles of these beings are varied, as you’ll experience when we launch this much anticipated candle collection!

From Mother Mary - Queen of Heaven…to Metatron and St. Germain (and several more!), we will be offering you several Ascended Master’s handcrafted prayer jar candles with original artwork, unique oil blends and blessed by crystals and our hands.

As always, 30% from these candles (and any other candles we create!) will be donated to a charitable cause.

Additional details and photos will be available very soon!


Why choose us?

Woman Owned Business

* Made in the U.S.A.

* Family Business

* Ethically Sourced Materials

Supports Charitable Causes

30% donated from every retail candle sold! Always!

Human and Animal Causes!!

Custom Fundraisers!!!

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