Christina, Christopher & Cierra Sue Cox 
Welcome to Mystic Pines Candle Co! Every candle is created with pure love, positive intention and filled with great hopes to make a difference by 'Spreading light and candle at a time!' Our candles are 100% soy, Reiki Blessed, and 20% of every candle sold will be donated to a charitable organization!
What's so 'Mystic' about 'Pine?' The majestic Pine tree has always held a magical presence in my life. Some of my fondest memories growing up in Maryland are centered around my time spent outside, playing and caring for the many dogs, cats, rabbits (even wild animals!) we somehow became guardians of, and my time spent climbing, resting and daydreaming amongst the towering Pine trees on our property. The amount of pine cones in the front yard alone seemed to blanket this area so heavily you would be hard-pressed to find a 2x2 space that didn't have a pinecone within it. Personally, I loved it! While my Father didn't share my 'passion for the pine' when it came time to mow the lawn, he did admire and appreciate my families creative attempts at creating home decor and holiday wreaths utilizing these beautiful and unique treasures from the Pine tree. Pine needles were also used for winter fires in. If you were allergic to anything remotely related to the Pine tree, you wouldn't have been able to spend much time in our cozy colonial home. 
As time passed, and my siblings and I left home one by one, I realized that my strong affinity with the Pine tree and the 'gift' of it's pine cone that found its way to Mother Earth, was more than a simple 'Law of Gravity.' I aligned this natural cycle of life to that of us each leaving the safety of our own 'Tree of Life' when the time came. As painful and challenging as it might have been to 'let go,' it was exciting as well. It was time to 'open ourselves' to all that the Universe had to offer. A time of renewal, growth and expansion. Time to plant our own seeds! 
My relationship with my amazing husband began in Mystic, Connecticut. On many occasions, we would playfully have a conversation about starting some sort of 'creative and fun business that would 'pay it forward' somehow, but not be too stressful. One day, after spending way too much money on candles, we looked at one another and mused..."What is it that we love? What are we passionate about?" We collectively said "animal rescue!" GREAT! That was a start! But, what else? I went on to elaborate by adding "beer, wine, chocolate, candles and pinecones! And, not necessarily in that order!
"Really?!" My husband didn't say it out loud, but my 'Third Eye' knew he wanted to! :)
After we had a good laugh about my 'passions' in life, we contemplated what it would take to bring a few of these ideas together to make a difference.  By combining our love of animal rescue, my obsession with all things pine-related and candles...we felt it was meant to be, so in June of 2015, Mystic Pines Candle Co. was born! 
Here are a few of the candles we currently love to create:
Our Cierra's Wish Candle is created in memory of Cierra Sue, a 10 year old Pug who came in to our lives in Mystic, Connecticut, via Massachusetts. Her story was a sad one, as many rescue animals have, unfortunately...but the remaining 5 years of her life were that of which only a princess would know. Our first candle endeavor needed to be a candle that would bring support and awareness to various animal rescues in Cierra's honor. Creating these candles keeps her spirit alive in our hearts, and allows the essence and memory of her Light to spread peace and love for those little souls who have no voice. We have since adopted two new rescue Pugs, Dyan, who is 15 years old...and Little Miss Clementine, who is 5 years old. We couldn't forget about our feline friends either, so we have Roxy's Rescue Candle in honor of Roxy Lynn who was rescued in Cromwell, CT by dear friends Chris and Janet. 
Our Full Moon Blessing Candles are created on the day or night of the Full Moon as it falls in to the respective zodiac sign for that particular month. These candles are crowned with crushed pine cone and gifts (various crystals) from Mother Earth. Our intention is to harness the power of each Full Moon in candle form for future work utilizing that particular Moon's energy.

This year, we will be offering Equinox and Solstice candles at the appropriate times. Ostara (Vernal Equinox) is now available in a beautiful Basil, Citrus and Sage scent, crowned with pumpkin seed, eggshell and orange rind...along with Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose and Clear Quartz. 

Alzheimer's and Lyme Disease Awareness Candles...along with other important causes, will also be featured here at Mystic Pines Candle Co. If you don't see your favorite organization here, and are interested in having us create an awareness candle for your cause, please message us about it! We'd love to help in any way we can!

Thank you for stopping by Mystic Pines Candle Co!

Blessings to All!

Peace, Love & Pine

Christopher & Christina Cox